The mission of Broadleap Youth is to educate, engage & empower young people to effectively shape their futures & their world in the way that they intend. Be it a vision for global leadership or simply finding a good job and building a happy life, our innovative programs situate academics in the context of the world that young people will soon enter on leaving school. What we offer is Knowledge in Context (KiC).

Today’s parents and teachers may be the first generation that cannot anticipate what the world of their children and students will look like. From rapid, revolutionary technical advances to the all-encompassing threats posed by climate change and shifting sociopolitical landscapes, the world is changing in ways that we cannot understand even as it is happening.

In their own lives, students face the frightening challenges posed by our changing world on top of an increasingly complex social landscape where technology has created social microcosms often unmoderated by adults.

Today’s young people can do more but also need more in order to navigate the world that is before them. University entrance, entry-level job markets, and the world economy in general have never been more competitive than today.

Our programs provide rich frameworks for thinking about and acting in the world meaningfully and effectively. This means understanding how things connect, how they interact, how they relate to the individual and how the individual relates to them. We're talking about big things like climate change, technological development, and social equality. We're talking about real things, like politics, economics, media, science, ethics, and law.

Broadleap Youth's KiC programming goes beyond information – something young people already have unprecedented access to. Our learning programs cultivate additional skills that have become critical to the new economy:

·      Emotional intelligence (EQ);

·      Critical and lateral thinking skills;

·      Values alignment and effective empathy; and

·      Interdisciplinary knowledge.

By connecting young people's personal beliefs and action with their broader values and impacts, we provide critical thought and emotional intelligence (EQ) frameworks that participants can carry forward into their adult lives. This benefits students and the communities - local and global - in which they will live and work.

We support all those interested in giving young people skills, ideas & perspectives to guide them in building meaningful lives. To that end, our programming supports educators, parents and students directly.

We welcome you to explore our programs below and to contact us for further information.

“While participating in KiC during high school, I found myself exploring new worlds and ideas that I had not encountered before. The ideas of social intelligence and what kinds of relationships exist in a working environment would not have been communicated to me as a high schooler otherwise. Now that I am a university student, I often find the ideas I learned through KiC incredibly useful, and that makes me want to remain a part of its community, continuously building my skill set and experiences. There’s nothing like that anywhere else.”
— Khaled N., 2013-2014 KiC Workshops participant


For Educators & Institutions.

The KiC Curriculum gives students a framework to bridge the global with the individual; knowledge and beliefs with behaviors; possibilities with opportunities. It consists of a core Curriculum and an exciting array of mix-and-match modules linked to subjects within the high school curriculum. In its entirety, the Core Curriculum and Add-on Modules provide 24 hours of enrichment programming that can be brought into classrooms or educational institutions in a variety of ways by individual teachers or entire schools.

KiC: Build it Beautiful Camps introduce high school students to a new way of thinking about the world around them from the subjects they are interested in at school to the global issues in which they are most interested. This camp-style, week-long program is available to schools and educational institutions under license to run independently.

Professional Development we are pleased to offer half and full-day professional development workshops to high school teachers wishing to broaden their lens on their own subjects and approaches to the broader world. Particularly helpful in tandem with KiC Curriculum offerings, our innovative PD programs will refresh and re-equip educators in engaging with their own subject areas and with their students.

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For Students.

Expert Connect  brings 40 senior high school and university students together with leaders and innovators from around the world to learn their stories, understand their paths, and explore how interests can become opportunities both unexpectedly and meaningfully. The aim of this program is to expand young people's understanding of what's possible for their futures by connecting them to people, ideas and information.

The Conferences are our version of school break camps. They bring 10 - 30 students together for intensive conversations about with local and international thought leaders on subjects such as law, international relations, and social justice issues. In addition to general conversation, each Conference provides an opportunity for attendees to form new networks for the purpose of devising and embarking on new projects relevant to the issues discussed. 

The Youth Ambassador Program engages young people in policy analysis and development in areas pertaining to sustainability and human development.  The Project runs during the school year with meetings held on Saturday mornings over a two month period. While we identify the theme, the participating students themselves propose and select the specific policy issue that will be the focus of the research and resulting paper.

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For Students & Parents/Mentors.

Downloadable Toolkits  are currently under development in the areas of climate change and social equality to equip young  people to act effectively not only in their own right but to move the people in their lives to effective action alongside. Today's parents are faced with a marked inability to predict what the world of their children will look like. Climate change. Globalization. Shifting economies and job markets. Instability. All of these things are linked and all are driven by the choices and behaviors of people. What can you do to impact your future? Find your power to shape your world starting with yourself. One can impact millions.


Our Community consists of individuals inspired to live meaningfully. From guest blog spots to user-generated video, from our upcoming video interview series to contests, we are building a community where the conversations we generate together can continue and grow.


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Photographs provided by Jared Chambers.